Did you see our #1 issue?...

KPI is 100% privately funded by a few good Kiwis, and it’s your ongoing financial support that continues to make our work possible via:

  1. Financial contributions:
    1. Kiwi Performance Indicators, ANZ bank, 06-0878-0869791-00
    2. Credit card (Stripe)
  2. Sponsoring a KPI that aligns with your passions, either privately or as an organisation
  3. Paid work, using Geoff and the tech team for research, data analysis, strategy, and extraordinary visual tools for your own business.

Please help if you can. If you can’t, there are non-financial ways to help grow too, and it all starts by telling just 1 more Kiwi.

* Tax-deductible options are available.
** When donating, please feel free to contact us with more details so we can say thanks!

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