KPI: Country Direction (Right % - Wrong %)

Source: Roy Morgan, Curia, Essential Research

AKA: governance, government confidence, quality of life

Key notes

  1. The net direction score is calculated by right direction % - wrong direction %, and we average this across the 3 polling companies that do this. Not every polling company does this over election or Christmas break months, so sometimes there are only 2, or even 1, data point. For November 2023, the average across all 3 pollsters was 31.5% right direction - 47.7% wrong direction = -16.2% net direction/Government confidence. For December, Roy Morgan measured -7%. For January, Curia measured +4%.
  2. Unlike the first 9 KPIs which were harder quantitative data sets, country direction is based on polling human feelings.
  3. Remember that each Labour-led or National-led government has had coalition partners which share the successes, and the failures, with them. A full list of governments for this time range are at the bottom of this page.

Data sources

Data shown:

  • Net direction, as explained above.
  • August 2007 onwards as that is when Roy Morgan started this measure.

Data not shown:

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