ISSUE #5: Housing

KPI: Median House Price vs Household Income

Source: REINZ, Stats NZ

AKA: housing affordability, housing supply, housing availability

Key notes

  1. Renters - we haven’t forgotten you! As house prices go up in price, so too do rental prices and vice versa.
  2. Remember that each Labour-led or National-led government has had coalition partners that share the successes, and the failures, with them. A full list of governments for this time range is at the bottom of this page.
  3. You can toggle the household income line on and off by clicking on 'Median Household Income' in the legend underneath the graphic.

Data sources

Data shown:

  • Median house price in New Zealand from REINZ monthly reports.
  • Median household incomes as at May of each year, from the HLFS (Household Labour Force Survey). This data starts in 1998, which is why our house prices also start in 1998.

Full data:

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