ISSUE #8: Education

KPI: School Attendance Term II

Source: Ministry of Education

AKA: schooling

Key notes

  1. Term 1, 3, and 4 data has only been collated since 2019, so we need to use term 2 data which has been collated since 2011.
  2. The Covid limitation and lockdown rules that began on 19 March 2020 nationwide and the final lockdown that ended on 15 December 2021 in Auckland, obviously had a significant impact on school attendance for some of this timeframe. Some argue that these were necessary and appropriate measures. Some believe that they weren't aggressive enough. And some believe that they shouldn't have happened, were too harsh, or went on too long. Context and judgments like this are subjective, so they are impossible to show in a graph. It is up to each reader to evaluate the proportion of responsibility they place on each government over the timeframe shown, versus factors outside of their control.
  3. Remember that each Labour-led or National-led government has had coalition partners that share the successes, and the failures, with them. A full list of governments for this time range is at the bottom of this page.

Data sources

Data shown:

  • % of primary and secondary school children attending 90% of school days or more (9 out of 10 days in a fortnight)
  • Term 2
  • 2011 onwards as that is when the data series began.

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