ISSUE #4: Crime

KPI: Victimisations Per Capita

Source: NZ Police

AKA: law & order, safety, police, policing, violence in society

Key notes

  1. There is no measure of all crime over many years. ‘Victimisations (police stations)’ is widely regarded as the best indicator.
  2. Days per month can vary from 28 to 31, so this impacts both the amount of crime and per capita crime in a month. All other things being equal, February months of 28 days should have ~10% less crime than 31-day months.
  3. Remember that each Labour-led or National-led government has had coalition partners that share the successes, and the failures, with them. A full list of governments for this time range is at the bottom of this page.

Data sources

Data shown:

  • Victimisations per capita per month.
  • July 2014 onwards, which is when this data series started.

Full data:

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