What we’d love to do next!

What you see is the KPI MVP (Minimum Voila Presentation!). We’re really proud of what we’ve created to help New Zealand across many key areas, but this is only the start of our vision.

If you love what you see, we can only do more if our fellow Kiwis chip in with us. With your support, we would love to add the following!


  • Multiple KPIs per issue
  • A spending overlay, so that we can see how more or less spending correlates with results
  • A true unemployment rate metric that apportions a weighting to the worker’s employed vs unemployed hours, rather than the current binary employed or unemployed system
  • A true inflation metric that is released monthly (not 3.5 months after the quarter has ended) and accounts for house deposits, land prices, and house price inflation


  • An elegant solution to visually show the role that coalition parties played (not just red vs blue)
  • A squiggly line for when the y (vertical) axis doesn’t start at 0 (to proactively avoid the inevitable and unenviable criticisms from those looking to pick holes, even though it’s the norm for metrics like immunisation rates)
  • A sticky/fixed header


  • Issue importance ratings and dynamic rankings, with greater weighting given to recent votes
  • Tailored dashboard view so that you can prioritise the issues that matter most to you


  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Social media, messenger, email share buttons
  • Media page

And possibly also:

  • The top 15 or 20 issues
  • Our own social media pages (although www.KPI.nz will always be home for the latest data, and comments)
  • The ability to control the x and y (horizontal and vertical) axis ranges via a zoom feature
  • Issues research, especially if the current researchers stop producing their great public work, or don’t include social unity/division so that we know where that sits on the priority list
  • Possibly automated integration with government departments, although integrations are difficult, expensive, and break often
  • A WHY page, although it does feel self-explanatory

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